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For those of us who do not have a carport or garage attached to the side of our house, building one as an extension would be a large (and rather unnecessary) expenditure. Not to mention costly contractors and the hassle of building permits. There is another alternative that you might not have know was available, and that’s a portable shelter. These type of mobile structures can be the ideal solution for individuals needing all weather defense to safeguard their automobile outdoors. The benefit is, of course, that they are far more inexpensive than an attached garage; and they still provide a great deal of the perks as traditional carports and garages.

There are many Types of Portable Shelters on the market

Normally, the portable shelter frame will be made from a tubular steel(frequently galvanized steel because of its strength). Some manufacturers will a powder coat over the steel as a further step to insure maximum durability. Shelterlogic and Rhino Shelters come standard with a 1-5/8 steel frame on the lighter duty shelters, and a 2-3/8 in. frame on the heavier garage buildings. The cover will generally be made from a product called polyethylene, which can be found in numerous grades (which is usually a measure of the thickness). Most portable shelter cover materials are polyethylene and come in a 9 or 10 oz rip stop fabric – 22/mil. Rhino shelters includes a 10 oz cover top standard on all portable shelters. They also go one step further to insure a long lasting cover by including a block out scrim sandwiched between the poly. This block out scrim adds years of life to the shelter cover and enables the cover to withstand the harshest weather and sun damage.

Important Note: If a poor quality, low weight cover is used, it will not be as durable. As a result, there will be much less security to the vehicle underneath.

Thicker Polyethylene Covers Ensure your  Portable Shelter will Last Longer!

This indicates that it is necessary, when picking a portable garage shelter, to properly compare the thicknesses of the various covers available. A high quality portable garage garage cover can last up to 7-10 years in direct sunlight, so it is well worth paying a little extra now, so you do not need to replace it within a couple of years.

portable garage buildings for RV, Garage, Boat by Rhino Instant Shelters

Portable Shelter – 10 Oz / 22 mil poly top

attached garages are not matched for detached garages that are portable shelters

Portable Shelters are Available For Autos, Boat’s, RV’s, Trucks, Farm Buildings, and much more!

Portable Shelters are Simple to Build, and can typically be Set Up Quickly

If you are trying to find a means to protect your vehicle, but do not want the expense of constructing an attached garage to the house, a portable shelter might be exactly what you require. The best place to start a search is right here at OriginalShelters.com. We carry the latest and best built portable garage shelters on the market today by leading portable shelters manufacturers!

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