What kind of metal carport are you looking to purchase?

Selecting the best metal carport for your requirements is essential. Whether you are looking for something to just safeguard your cars and truck or Recreational Vehicle from the elements, or provide a safe storage option, Portable Car Garage Costco can help. We provide single carport designs, and 2 cars and truck carport alternatives. We can always personalize our metal carport to fit multiple cars or even taller steel carport designs for trucks and tractors. Find out more about the various designs and sizes of vehicle carports and a few of the modification alternatives listed below.

Where will you install your new metal carport?

Have you already identified a location to place your metal carport to be set up? Our installation team will require enough area to set-up and install your carport, and space to access the setup site. Our experienced client service team will walk you through the process. Among the most important things to remember is that custom-made metal carports need to be set up on a level surface. Do you have adequate level space for the size metal carport you desire?

Does your metal carport need to be certified?

Lots of regional building guidelines require that the metal carports be inspected when set up. Accreditation’s are sometimes required to make sure the metal carport can withstand a particular amount of wind and snow. A regional inspector will review the site and the building plans to make sure the carport structure is capable of withstand the elements. Speak with our trained client service representatives to get more information about exactly what Portable Car Garage Costco requires to certify your metal building, and what you have to do before your metal carport installation.

How’s the local weather condition?

Your ideal custom-made carport may depend upon the local weather report. Lots of very first time carport buyers don’t take into consideration the regional weather condition and just expect the carport to keep the rain and sun off of their cars. If you reside in a climate where you get heavy snowfall or driving rains that blow sideways, consider getting a structure that is more enclosed to safeguard your automobile. Anchoring structures on concrete pieces is likewise advised for high wind locations.

How about style?

Portable Car Garage Costco offers many different types of metal carport designs to fit your requirements. Not only can we tailor roof choices, but we can likewise offer you custom color options so it will blend well with the look of your home. Call our client service representatives to learn more about our metal carports for sale.


Make certain that you have leveled the installation area. If you are setting up a certified building, the site must be level front to back and side to side. If the site is not level when the setup team comes out to set up the structure they may need to reschedule the installation for a later date, which may incur an additional fee for the return trip.

Introduction of shipment and setup process

Our customer care representatives will contact you to set up a delivery date and time. Please make sure to clear all obstructions and level the location on which you would like your brand-new metal Carport set up. On delivery day, our installation team will arrive with all tools essential to install the custom carport on the level prepared site. They will drill the anchors, and construct the structure. If you need to have your structure certified, please let us know prior to the date of setup so we can get everything prepared and have the blueprints to you before the metal carport is set up on your leveled lot.

Concrete Pads

In all states with the exception of Florida, the concrete pad should be the precise dimensions of the structure frame. For example, for a 22″W x 26’L structure, the base frame is 22’W x 26’L. In Florida, the concrete pad should be 3/4 ″ larger than the dimensions of the building frame and 3/4 ″ inch longer than the length of the structure frame. The concrete pad should be square– the measurement from corner to corner– across each diagonal must be exactly the very same. Each City or county building and zoning departments have different requirements due to weather and conditions in your area. It is the consumers obligation to confirm with their local building and zoning departments as to what type of footer is needed for their structure.

Site Prep Checklist

  • Make sure the location is clear of debris
  • Make sure the site is level, this is particularly essential if the structure will be certified, as the building can not be more than 3″ off level from front to back or side to side in any application.
  • If the site isn’t level the setup team will try to level at a surcharge.
  • Make sure the setup team will be able to access the installation site, if there is more than a 50-foot distance between the installation site and the truck; you may be charged an additional service fee due to the extra time needed to finish your setup