Car storage tents are designed to protect your vehicle from harmful aspects. From indoor automobile covers that will keep your stored antique or classic automobile looking brand-new to outdoor automobile covers that will prevent harmful weather conditions, we provide the very best defense at the lowest rates.

garage in a box shelterlogic

10 x 20 Garage in a Box

Our covers will fit any vehicle and budget plan. Select your vehicle’s make, design and size to discover the perfect car storage tent cover today.

Waterproof Covers
Rain and snow include toxins that can cause damage to your vehicle. When left out in the rain for long periods of time, your vehicle will end up being a lot more prone to rust and corrosion. Heavy snow can also apply severe amounts of pressure to your vehicle’s exterior and accelerate the deterioration process.

best portable garage

Garage in a Box 12×20

A waterproof car storage tent will function as an impermeable barrier in between external water and your vehicle. When acquiring a waterproof cover search for products that are water-resistant. Fabrics like polypropylene, or fabrics that have been treated with special waterproof covering such as the Garage in a Box, are particularly efficient at warding off water.

car storage tent

10 x 15 Garage Kit – Open View

These materials are also totally breathable. Unlike a tarpaulin, breathable covers are created to get rid of trapped water, preventing the growth of mold.

Sunproof Covers
Automobiles that are overlooked in hot, dry environments, will experience the effects of the sun’s dangerous rays. High temperatures and UV rays can slowly wear off and dull your paint. The hot sun will certainly also warp and crack your indoor dashboard. The best option for hot climates is to protect your vehicle with a car storage tent that is UV-treated.

Truck garage shelter

Garage in a Box 13x20x12 – 62693

Search for car storage tent products like polyethylene or a UV-treated SFS, as these materials are created particularly to shield versus the sun. Sunproof covers must likewise have reflective properties and should be lighter in color.

Outdoor Covers
When your car, truck, boat, watercraft, motorcycle, RV or SUV sits parked outdoors, there are a variety of aspects that can scratch, dent, or dull your vehicle’s paint and surface. Dust can become abrasive and scratch your vehicle. Bird droppings can stick to your automobile’s paint, making it challenging to get rid of without issue.

shelterlogic 12x16

Garage in a Box 12×16

Over time, wind, rain and snow can wear away your paint’s surface and make it look dull. Trees can drop acorns, sap, and pollen, all which can stain, damage, or scratch your car. With an outdoor automobile cover, you can protect your vehicle from these and other destructive aspects.

Outdoor covers ought to be weather resistant and should include a multi-layer design to offer total weather security. Reliable outdoor covers are commonly made from a blend of long lasting fabrics with ripstop technology.

boat shelter kit

14 x 30 x 12 Boat Shelter Kit

Indoor Covers
You may believe that your vehicle is safe from harm in your garage or storage unit; nevertheless your vehicle is simply as vulnerable to damage parked indoors as it is parked outdoors. Autos kept indoors gather dust and dirt, which can become abrasive to your vehicle’s surface, causing tiny scratches.

rhino shelters

Rhino Shelter 14x36x15

Rats and other rodents that might hide out in your garage or storage area may damage your vehicle as well. To offer indoor defense for your car, truck, boat, van, or SUV from possible issue indoors, shield it with an indoor vehicle cover. Indoor vehicle covers ought to pamper your vehicle’s paint.

portable car canopy

Trailer Storage Tent

Search for covers made from non-abrasive materials, like nylon. As always, indoor covers ought to also be breathable to prevent mold, mildew and the accumulation of condensation.

All Our Car Storage Tents Feature:

  • Triple layered polyethylene cover and all steel frames.
  • Auger and Cable Drive Anchors provide a more stable foundation.
  • Ratchet tight technology provides a drum tight cover to frame.
  • Double zippered front door
  • Sidewalls

If you will be parking your Car outside, look for a cover that offers outdoor weather protection from aspects such as rain, sun and snow. If you intend on storing your Car in a garage or enclosed space you will require a cover that safeguards against dust and dirt.

Rhino Shelter 12x20 round

Rhino Shelter 12×20

Also take into account the climate you live in. If you live in a climate that is susceptible to rain, choose a cover that is waterproof and breathable. For hot, dry environments try to find a UV-resistant cover, like our Garage in a Box carport kit.

If you desire your Car to be secured from harsh outdoor aspects and heavy snow, look for a car storage tent that offers all weather defense, like one of our Rhino Shelter by MDM Shelter Company, or Garage in a Box by Shelterlogic.


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