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pop up garageIf you are a vehicle owner, you made an investment into your car or truck, and as a result of this, you want to keep it in like new condition as long as possible.

You safeguard your car with door locks as well as automobile insurance, why not add a further layer of safety with a portable car garage shelter carport.


If your home presently has a garage, you may not feel that you require a car garage shelter you might correct; but what if you have more than one auto or other investments needing all weather protection outdoors. That’s when portable car garage shelter carport comes in handy.

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I am pretty certain you do not wish to play faves with your motor vehicles. Don’t compromise your new paint and car dash board by allowing the harmful effects of UV rays as well as the severe elements destroy the surface. By investing in a

buy portable garageIf you are a vehicle owner, you made an investment into your car or truck, and as a result of this, you want to keep it in like new condition as long as possible. You safeguard your car with door locks as well as automobile insurance, why not add a further layer of safety with a portable car garage shelter carport.

If your home presently has a garage, you may not feel that you require a car garage shelter you might correct; but what if you have more than one auto or other investments needing all weather protection outdoors. That’s when a portable car garage shelter carport comes in handy.

portable car garage costco

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I am pretty certain you do not wish to play faves with your motor vehicles. Don’t endanger your new paint work and car dashes by allowing the harmful effects of UV rays as well as the harsh elements outside to ruin your hard earned stuff. By utilizing portable car garage shelter carport in your driveway or yard, you could ensure that of your cars are secured and also cut down on snow shoveling this winter season.

Portable car garage shelter carports are set up quickly, as well as you can quickly do it on your own if you would like to save some significant money. These helpful carport shelters take less time to set up than a conventional garage, as well as a much more affordable price.

By browsing our portable car garage shelter carport, mobile garages, as well as various other mobile shelters, you will discover that there is a shelter for everyone. It’s simply a concern of assessing your requirements as well as discovering the best product to accompany those requirements. You will certainly be well on your way to safeguarding your car’s, rv, bikes, bicycles, and any other financial investments requiring all weather condition shelter.

And our portable car garage shelter carports aren’t just helpful for vehicle storage space; they similarly make extraordinary temporary storage space shelters.


Obtaining Affordable Solutions For Car Storage Problems


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mobile garage costco

Obtaining affordable solutions intended for car storage problems doesn’t have to be a hard task. There are several different varieties of storage problems and quite often can be problems that could be solved with many different solutions. These may include short and/or extended car storage facilities, portable carports intended for residential use, portable car garages as well as vehicle tents which resemble a single-sized storage area for personal use along with similar solutions.

The short and/or extended storage facilities that provide storage for vehicles most often have a secured place specially designated for autos, trucks and recreational vehicles. These are qualified and insured corporations that charge a nominal fee for the storage and the safety of these investments stored on their property. A service of the sort is the response for many individuals that require a safe place to store their motor home as well as boat with trailer while these are not being used.

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For private homeowners that do not have a garage but have a need for temporary shelter from the weather, there are lightweight carports and portable garages intended for seasonal use. For those that would require a more permanent solution, there are heavier duty portable garage structures available that provide a greater amount of all weather protection against extreme temperatures along with weather-related elements that could be damaging such as “snow and high wind gust.”

These portable garage shelters were once available with very limited options and possibilities. In recent years though they have become a popular option among boat and camper owners. They feature a solution for the people without attached garages which cannot afford to have one custom built. With popularity, improvements in addition to competitors that want to generate a bigger and better version fuel the growing demand.

Today there are lots of companies that produce affordable solutions intended for car storage troubles. These are mobile storage solutions that very capably protect the vehicles they keep underneath. They are far more affordable than a new built garage and can be upgraded as necessary. Depending on the kind of portable garage shelter you decide, most of them are made for strength, sturdiness, and longevity and are also covered by a manufacturers warranty.

A portable carport may be sufficient for someone with smaller compact cars or little space to use and can be just like efficient as a permanent carport in many instances. The cost tend to be much more affordable to the permanent carport and offer the immediate solution needed. Since carports do not have walls they don’t provide protection next to vandalism or thieves nevertheless the portable structure provide good protection in the weather.

There are many positive benefits for both homeowner and the community when portable structures for car storage are used. The positives beyond the already mentioned benefits additionally, they provide the homeowner with all the weather protection and also the community with the actual appropriately clean as well as orderly appearance to avoid unkempt and unfavorable temporary structures cluttering the neighborhood and streets.

The only negative to purchasing a portable garage shelter or carport could be the need to replace them often and lacking security against burglars and vandalism. The security that has to be required to keep an automobile safe from burglars or vandalism will not be able to be installed as a part of the portable structure without raising the retail price substantially and bringing the expenses comparable to a permanent garage. The principle purpose is to produce affordable solutions intended for car storage troubles for homeowners.

Advantages to Portable Garages


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roundtop garages

Have a need for more space for cars or trucks, personal storage area, lawn and yard equipment, family furniture or something else which doesn’t fit in your family’s garage area? Really don’t need the difficulties and regular monthly fees of an off-site storage space? Is custom building an attached garage on to your house not affordable and more time-consuming than your willing to invest? A mobile garage or portable car shelter is probably the best storage option to suit your needs.

There are many advantages of having a portable garage on the premises, particularly:

  • More budget friendly when compared with wood and steel structures.
  • Typically do not require structure permits.
  • Foundations not necessary.
  • Quickly transportable.

If you are seeking a cost-efficient storage solution for vehicles, an instant garage may be the ideal solution. They can be relatively low-cost when compared with the expense of month-to-month storage centers. Furthermore, it can conserve time; with storage at your residence there is no need to commute to a storage center.

Normally speaking, an instant shelter or garage does not require a permit with your municipality. Remember, it is highly recommended to check with local officials to determine your very own requirements. By doing this, you’ll ensure your abiding by code and will save a lot of headache and time down the road.

Almost all instantaneous garages or fabric shelters typically require a few hours to assemble with a few others to aid in the actual assembly. The installation of a pop up garage starts with metal tubing which is assembled in order to form the body. Fabric will then be set up over the frame and tied down to finish establishing the structure. Mobile structures are normally held down with steel anchoring (15′ augers), that will be pounded into the dirt by utilizing drive rods. The anchors see to it the garage structure is definitely locked in place and the structure will not move or blow over from high wind gust.

This sort of portable garage shelter requires very little maintenance. Make sure the cover is made of a rip stop polyethylene material that has been treated with UV protectants thereby enabling it to stand up to inclement weather and the harmful effects of the sun.

The point is, a non-permanent structure is a low-cost option to a permanent structure attached to your home. Incredibly fast and basic set-up will guarantee the portable garage is ready to use in no time at all at a cost that won’t break the bank.

If you’re looking for portable garages please visit The Shelter Headquarters at http://www.originalshelters.com/

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Garage in A Box Review


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garage workshop, diy garage kit by garage in box

Do you require a portable garage or mobile carport for your automobile? The Garage in a Box is the best solution for you! These type of fabric garage shelters offer you a ready-to-install and assemble garage kit, which requires minimal instructions and contains the finest quality of materials.

There are many people who are looking for inexpensive alternatives when it comes to garages, and the Garage in a Box offers them complete security for their automobile, as well as protection from the elements for boats and watercraft’s.

Here is a look at some of the Garage in a Box models that are available for sale.

10′ X 20′ x 8′ – 62680 – The most popular product when it comes to the Garage in a Box Auto Shelter is the 10X20 – 62680. It provides complete protection from the harshest elements outdoors and has a nice clean entry and exit point as well. It is conveniently priced at $369.99 and you will not find a better and more affordable portable garage kit.

10x15 garage in a box

10’ X 15’ X 8’ – 62681 – If you want a more spacious setting for your garage, and in a more affordable price bracket then this is definitely made for you. Ideal for smaller more compact automobiles, the 10 x 15  is priced at only $329.66 and is great choice for a portable garage application.

10 x 15 roundtop garage

10’ X 15’ X 8’ – 62689 – This fabric garage kit is in a slightly more compact shape, but rest assured it provides ample space for you to park your automobile. It is one of the most sought after round top garage in a box packages, and we now offer the best price at only $359.99. This portable garage has been rated 4/5 stars by users.

carport tent garage 10 x 20 carport kit

10’ X 20’ X 8’ – 62684 – This model is another favorite and offers you great space, and an aesthetically appealing garage and lots of space as well. Priced at $539.99 it is slightly on the expensive side, but when you look at the many benefits it affords, then it doesn’t seem so expensive. A fabulous design, combined with excellent material and great tan color.

portable garage shelter by shelterlogic

12’ X 16’ X 8’ – 62697 – Everyone wants a portable garage that not only looks great on the outside, but is spacious on the inside. This garage kit offers you a fantastic look on the outside, with a modern roof style and lots of features on the inside for storing your tools.

shelterlogic 10x20

12’ X 20’ X 8’ – 62790 – Most people need more than just space from their portable garage kit, and this model provides you everything that they require. Priced at $529.99, it is perfect for parking your SUV or any other large vehicle. This garage in a box definitely offers you great value for the money.

13 x 20 x 12 suv truck shelter garage

13’ X 20’ X 12’ – 62693 – Now onto the king of garage in a box product, this one offers you everything that you require. Perfect for storing large vehicles and has lots of features. Priced at $679.99 right now, there is no better time to get your hands on this portable garage kit. Highly rated at 4/5 stars by users, it is definitely one of the all time favorites.

Things You Didn’t Know About Portable Garages Kits


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When you are looking at garage shelters for your storage options, then you need to know all about the different options that are available to you in order to acquire one that provides you with great storage capacity and good value for money as well. One of the main benefits of portable garage shelters is the fact that they can transported from one place to the other with consummate ease.

They are also known by some as a garage in a box, since they provide extra space for storage and act like a second garage. They are inexpensive and provide a great alternative to constructing an extra storage space apart from your garage.

Great Portability Options

Portable garage shelters can be shifted from one location to the next, depending upon the requirements, which makes them extremely beneficial in the long run. They are commonly used as car shelters and truck shelters, since they can be constructed almost anywhere you desire. Protecting your automobile from weather and burglary is one of the major reasons why many people prefer portable garages and carport canopy today. They are best for storing large vehicles such as campers, RVs, boats, motorcycles and even leisure vehicles such as watercraft or tractors.

Custom Built Incentives

One of the greatest benefits of portable garage shelters lies in the fact that they afford you with an easy storage facility, with minimum fuss and expenses. People often use them for keeping tools, and work equipment, while others use them for sheltering livestock and as a greenhouse as well. There are dozens of different stock designs for these shelters and there are different colors, sizes and materials available as well. You can even have specially constructed car tents made from materials, such as wood, aluminum and metal. There are also additional materials used to provide the shelter with more durability, which include polyethylene covers and galvanized steel frames so that the shelter is completely secure and protected from outside weather influences.

Portable Garage Kits

If you think that setting up a portable garage kit is just too much work for you to handle alone and you don’t want to hire a professional to construct one for you, then you can always the option of portable garage kits. These kits come fitted with everything and are available in different sizes, so you just need to set them up with the minimum of fuss and voila you have a carport canopy for your automobile. There will also be additional protection from the weather, since rain, snow, hail and wind can sometimes pose problems and therefore garage shelters are constructed with these things in mind.

Long Term Solutions

If you require a storage space for your automobile or just some space to store your tools or other unwanted, but important stuff then portable garage shelters are the ultimate solution for you. They also tend to last for a much longer time and offer great value for money to you. If you are looking for a suitable shelter then you should check in with the experts at original shelters to acquire the best portable garages today.

Portable Car Garages From Costco? Read This First!

Portable Car Garage Shelters

There are a large variety of different portable car garage models to select from, and this can be a rather daunting and somewhat frustrating task when you consider all the various options that are available to you. The great information is that portable car garages do not need you to invest a large amount of cash, nor do they require you spend extra finances on employing a professional contractor if you are the smallest bit helpful at dealing with even the standard kinds of house improvement projects.

Portable car garages come in different sizes and shapes and can likewise be manufactured from a large selection of different types of materials. A few of the more typical kinds of materials that carports are made from are normally fabric or a lightweight steel carport. Fabric garages and carports are made either from galvanized or powder coated steel and a canvas or poly…

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Portable Shelters vs. Attached Garages


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For those of us who do not have a carport or garage attached to the side of our house, building one as an extension would be a large (and rather unnecessary) expenditure. Not to mention costly contractors and the hassle of building permits. There is another alternative that you might not have know was available, and that’s a portable shelter. These type of mobile structures can be the ideal solution for individuals needing all weather defense to safeguard their automobile outdoors. The benefit is, of course, that they are far more inexpensive than an attached garage; and they still provide a great deal of the perks as traditional carports and garages.

There are many Types of Portable Shelters on the market

Normally, the portable shelter frame will be made from a tubular steel(frequently galvanized steel because of its strength). Some manufacturers will a powder coat over the steel as a further step to insure maximum durability. Shelterlogic and Rhino Shelters come standard with a 1-5/8 steel frame on the lighter duty shelters, and a 2-3/8 in. frame on the heavier garage buildings. The cover will generally be made from a product called polyethylene, which can be found in numerous grades (which is usually a measure of the thickness). Most portable shelter cover materials are polyethylene and come in a 9 or 10 oz rip stop fabric – 22/mil. Rhino shelters includes a 10 oz cover top standard on all portable shelters. They also go one step further to insure a long lasting cover by including a block out scrim sandwiched between the poly. This block out scrim adds years of life to the shelter cover and enables the cover to withstand the harshest weather and sun damage.

Important Note: If a poor quality, low weight cover is used, it will not be as durable. As a result, there will be much less security to the vehicle underneath.

Thicker Polyethylene Covers Ensure your  Portable Shelter will Last Longer!

This indicates that it is necessary, when picking a portable garage shelter, to properly compare the thicknesses of the various covers available. A high quality portable garage garage cover can last up to 7-10 years in direct sunlight, so it is well worth paying a little extra now, so you do not need to replace it within a couple of years.

portable garage buildings for RV, Garage, Boat by Rhino Instant Shelters

Portable Shelter – 10 Oz / 22 mil poly top

attached garages are not matched for detached garages that are portable shelters

Portable Shelters are Available For Autos, Boat’s, RV’s, Trucks, Farm Buildings, and much more!

Portable Shelters are Simple to Build, and can typically be Set Up Quickly

If you are trying to find a means to protect your vehicle, but do not want the expense of constructing an attached garage to the house, a portable shelter might be exactly what you require. The best place to start a search is right here at OriginalShelters.com. We carry the latest and best built portable garage shelters on the market today by leading portable shelters manufacturers!

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Portable Garage Buildings Have A Myriad Of Uses


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Portable garage buildings are an affordable and simple means to produce additional storage area on your residential property. You can store a wide range of things in a portable garage building and can even utilize them as a workshop or gathering location. There are many different sizes and designs of mobile garage shelters you can pick from, so you cannot pick the one that best fits your needs.

If you do not have an attached garage at your home or require even more vehicle storage, a portable garage building is a low-cost and dependable choice. Detached garage structures come in numerous dimensions that will provide storage for anything from an automobile, RV or a watercraft. Made with a powder coated steel frame and polyethylene cover, a portable garage building will shield its components from hard rain, wind, snow, or damaging sunlight. The polyethylene cover is UV and water resistant, so your valuables and products will not be water or sun damaged.

You can ideally store an automobile, truck, motorbike, RV, watercraft, garden devices, or equipment in a portable garage building. Whether you require day-to-day or seasonal storage, a portable garage building is your best choice. Park your vehicle inside, and you will not have to fret about the sun peeling or fracturing the paint or needing to brush the snow off your vehicle in the winter season. You can keep yard devices and tools from rusting by housing it in a portable garage shelter. With optional devices such as tool holders, utility shelves, and lighting, you can transform your portable garage building into a workshop.

Besides storage, you can utilize your garage building as a shelter for outdoor events. Location tables and chairs inside to produce a location for people to eat and unwind. It cannot likewise be a location to utilize as a run in shelter for livestock to get some shade to your cattle on a hot day. With an optional joining kit, you cannot put more than one portable garage structure together to add even more space.

For a reasonably low price, a portable garage building provides multifunctional storage. Use a portable garage shelter for keeping an automobile, as a workshop, or for an outdoor event.

OriginalShelters.com Offers Portable Garage Shelters for Less


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OriginalShelters.com, a well known dealer and nationwide distributor of portable garage shelters, provides consumers the best instant garages, carports,storage buildings, and outdoor shelters at the most competitive pricing anywhere online. The business provides these portable garages in accordance with their customers unique requirements in many different sizes, colors, and designs to choose from.

via OriginalShelters.com Offers Portable Garage Shelters for Less.