Important Considerations When Buying A Metal Carport


What kind of metal carport are you looking to purchase?

Selecting the best metal carport for your requirements is essential. Whether you are looking for something to just safeguard your cars and truck or Recreational Vehicle from the elements, or provide a safe storage option, Portable Car Garage Costco can help. We provide single carport designs, and 2 cars and truck carport alternatives. We can always personalize our metal carport to fit multiple cars or even taller steel carport designs for trucks and tractors. Find out more about the various designs and sizes of vehicle carports and a few of the modification alternatives listed below.

Where will you install your new metal carport?

Have you already identified a location to place your metal carport to be set up? Our installation team will require enough area to set-up and install your carport, and space to access the setup site. Our experienced client service team will walk you through the process. Among the most important things to remember is that custom-made metal carports need to be set up on a level surface. Do you have adequate level space for the size metal carport you desire?

Does your metal carport need to be certified?

Lots of regional building guidelines require that the metal carports be inspected when set up. Accreditation’s are sometimes required to make sure the metal carport can withstand a particular amount of wind and snow. A regional inspector will review the site and the building plans to make sure the carport structure is capable of withstand the elements. Speak with our trained client service representatives to get more information about exactly what Portable Car Garage Costco requires to certify your metal building, and what you have to do before your metal carport installation.

How’s the local weather condition?

Your ideal custom-made carport may depend upon the local weather report. Lots of very first time carport buyers don’t take into consideration the regional weather condition and just expect the carport to keep the rain and sun off of their cars. If you reside in a climate where you get heavy snowfall or driving rains that blow sideways, consider getting a structure that is more enclosed to safeguard your automobile. Anchoring structures on concrete pieces is likewise advised for high wind locations.

How about style?

Portable Car Garage Costco offers many different types of metal carport designs to fit your requirements. Not only can we tailor roof choices, but we can likewise offer you custom color options so it will blend well with the look of your home. Call our client service representatives to learn more about our metal carports for sale.


Make certain that you have leveled the installation area. If you are setting up a certified building, the site must be level front to back and side to side. If the site is not level when the setup team comes out to set up the structure they may need to reschedule the installation for a later date, which may incur an additional fee for the return trip.

Introduction of shipment and setup process

Our customer care representatives will contact you to set up a delivery date and time. Please make sure to clear all obstructions and level the location on which you would like your brand-new metal Carport set up. On delivery day, our installation team will arrive with all tools essential to install the custom carport on the level prepared site. They will drill the anchors, and construct the structure. If you need to have your structure certified, please let us know prior to the date of setup so we can get everything prepared and have the blueprints to you before the metal carport is set up on your leveled lot.

Concrete Pads

In all states with the exception of Florida, the concrete pad should be the precise dimensions of the structure frame. For example, for a 22″W x 26’L structure, the base frame is 22’W x 26’L. In Florida, the concrete pad should be 3/4 ″ larger than the dimensions of the building frame and 3/4 ″ inch longer than the length of the structure frame. The concrete pad should be square– the measurement from corner to corner– across each diagonal must be exactly the very same. Each City or county building and zoning departments have different requirements due to weather and conditions in your area. It is the consumers obligation to confirm with their local building and zoning departments as to what type of footer is needed for their structure.

Site Prep Checklist

  • Make sure the location is clear of debris
  • Make sure the site is level, this is particularly essential if the structure will be certified, as the building can not be more than 3″ off level from front to back or side to side in any application.
  • If the site isn’t level the setup team will try to level at a surcharge.
  • Make sure the setup team will be able to access the installation site, if there is more than a 50-foot distance between the installation site and the truck; you may be charged an additional service fee due to the extra time needed to finish your setup

Considering A Mobile Garage? Read This First!


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cropped-vehicle-garages-and-carport-kits.jpgFor those of us who do not have a carport or garage attached to the side of our house, constructing one as an extension would be a huge (and rather unnecessary) cost. The mobile garage, likewise called a “portable garage shelter“, can be the ideal option for individuals who wish to protect their auto and valuable prized possessions outdoors.

best portable mobile garage


The number one perk of this portable shelter choice is, naturally, that they are far more cost effective than an affixed garage; and supply a great deal of advantages.

There are lots of portable garages on the marketplace, which can be found in many different styles and colors. Normally, the frames are made from a tubular steel or some type of metal (most often steel because of its strength).

shelterlogic garage in a box 10x20


Possibly the most essential part of the portable mobile garage is the cover. If a poor quality cover is utilized, it will certainly not be durable and could will provide less security to the car below. The cover could be made of a product called polyethylene, which comes in many grades (which is typically a measure of the thickness).

The thicker the polyethylene is, normally, the better quality the cover will be and the longer it will certainly last. This implies that it is necessary, when selecting a portable garage shelter, to properly compare the densities of the different covers and products utilized in the manufacturing process.

A quality automobile canopy can last as much as about Twenty Years if taken care of correctly, so it is well worth investing a little extra now, so you do not have to change it within a couple of years due to bad products and inclement weather.

Mobile garage shelters are typically fairly basic to put together, and can generally be set up really quickly with the tools out of one’s basic toolbox. So if you are searching for a means to protect your car from inclement weather condition and safeguard its appearance and maximum resale value, but do not desire the expense of building a garage extension of your home, a portable garage could be exactly what you need.

portable garage shelter


The best location to start a portable mobile garage search is the web. Numerous authorized dealers offer a free shipping option and depending upon which state you place your order from, the purchase will most likely be tax free excluding CA,CT,TX,IL.

Many dealers hold a variety of options that you can review in order to figure out which will certainly work for you.

Need help finding the best portable mobile garages or high quality portable garage shelter? Visit this recommended site.

Why I Invested in a Rhino Shelter (W/Pictures)


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rhino boat shelter

If your considering adding extra storage space to your home this spring, you might want to consider investing in a portable shelter by Rhino Shelter. These heavy duty mobile structures are ideal for storing and protecting your valuables from inclement weather outdoors, and are much more affordable than traditional storage buildings and garages.

Keep in mind – ” all portable shelters are NOT created equal.”

Of all the years we have been offering portable garages and outdoor storage structures, we are still to find a portable shelter to match the quality of our Rhino Shelter. Below, I provide the 7 best reasons to invest in a portable shelter made by Rhino Shelter.

all weather shelter

1. A constant risk with portable shelters is degradation and deterioration of the frame. A Rhino Shelter avoids this by making all carriage nuts and bolts from stainless steel, making sure that the bolts will not rust from exposure or suffer anxiety fractures due to wind or snow pressure for the lifetime of your item.

rv carport frames

2. All parts of the Rhino Shelter frame are made from galvanized steel tubing. Unlike most other mobile garage frames that utilize cheaper recycled steel that has been powder-coated to appear galvanized, Rhino Shelter’s use hot-dipped galvanized steel.

For even greater protection, their tubing has two extra layers on the outside, consisting of a clear safety coating, along with a corrosion-resistant layer on the inside of the tubes.

barn style garage kit

3. Rhino Shelter covers are made of durable 10-ounce rip-stop poly-vinyl material with additional UV-resistant infusion and fire-retardant chemicals. Their product is made from three layers– the external weatherproof covering that is available in a variety of different colors, a black middle layer that blocks out both visible sunlight and ultraviolet rays, and a white inner layer.

rhino shelter fabric

Rip-stop poly fabric is difficult to tear, and due to the means that it is woven, even if you get a tear it will not spread out. Their top quality, UV-resistant fabric will last 7 to 10 years in direct sunshine.

4. All RhinoShelters come standard with high-strength steel cable hook anchors, and a drive rod that’s included for anchoring. Rhino Shelters go above and beyond to make sure these portable shelters are effectively secured– the anchor locks 3 feet underground, and have a 1200 pound pull-out ratio.

Rhino Shelter 12x20 round

Rhino Shelter 12×20

5. The cover is affixed at all 4 edges with ratchet straps, and the material is heat-welded at the seams. The cross-welding makes for really strong seams, so that the cover can be tightened over the frame, which will lower structural vibrations. A drum-tight cover likewise does not build up as much snow on the roof.

portable garage shelter for sale

6. Each Rhino Shelter includes a double-zipper door panel with 2 zippers in each end. Both door panels can be rolled up, enabling drive-through ability and terrific air flow in the space. They make use of just top notch YKK zippers with closely-spaced teeth for rupturing strength. The door panels are designed to withstand strong winds, and likewise provide clips that go over the zipper tracks for additional reinforcement.

RV garage

7. Most Rhino shelter sizes can be found in 3 colors– green, gray and tan. There is no extra fee for your option of color. Three-layer fabric provides exceptional security against the aspects– it stops rain and snow, the black middle layer blocks out UV rays and noticeable sunlight, and the white inner layer is bright and reflective, so you can utilize a light in the enclosure more efficiently.

rhino shelter

Rhino Shelter 14x36x15

A Rhino Shelter’s mobile enclosure is hands down the very best method to safeguard your farm equipment, yard tractor, watercraft, RV, automobile, and most anything needing all weather shelter outdoors.

Now’s the time to begin your search for Rhino Shelter garages and buildings.

Tell us your opinion of the Rhino Shelter below…

Advantages of Investing in a Portable Car Garage


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If you’re considering a portable car garage shelter, you’ll want to know the advantages of owning one of these type mobile shelters before making your final buying decision.


First, portable car garages as their name implies are mobile. Built from an all steel or powder coated frame and fabric cover, portable car garages can be easily assembled and disassembled and transported fairly easily when required.

Some portable garages even include a convenient carry bag with roller wheels for easier transport. Furthermore, most standard size mobile garages can fit right into a smaller compact sized trunk.


The average cost of a portable car garage usually costs around $300.00. This option is much more affordable than adding a carport or attached garage to your home. For larger two and three car garages, the cost can exceed several thousands of dollars.

Another factor that affects the price is the thickness of the frame and the quality of the cover. Standard thickness car covers start at 7.5 ounces/12mil and can go as heavy as 14.5/24 mil fabric weight.

If you’re looking to use your portable car garage year round, you’ll want to consider investing in a thicker mil fabric. The garage in a box product by Shelterlogic falls into the light duty carport category, and the Rhino Shelter would be best suited for heavy snowfall areas and year round use.

While the Rhino Shelter is best for heavy duty usage, the price likewise is heavier than a discount carport kit from Garage in a Box. The best prices we found on the Rhino Instant Garage is at their authorized dealer website Original Shelters carry Rhino products at the lowest prices online and even offer free shipping to boot!

If the Rhino Garage isn’t what you require, they also stock the garage in a box and other portable car garages by leading manufacturers.

When you buy a portable car garage shelter, you’re making an investment. I’ve talked to many people throughout the years and their main requirement is bottom dollar. How much? You shouldn’t have this attitude. You do not want to have to replace the cover every other year. Sure, you can pick up a cheap portable car shelter costco or one of the Home Depot portable garages, but you will be compromising quality and durability of the product.

It’s best to go with a name brand garage or carport from the start that will endure the elements. And if you do your research, you’ll typically find that the “garage in a box” or “Rhino Shelter” cost about the same as those car shelters offered at Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Costco.

Important note: Be sure whoever you buy a portable car garage from, the seller is an authorized dealer for that brand. This is very important to remember. If the seller isn’t name brand authorized, chances are the warranty isn’t valid.

What Is a Portable Garage?


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A portable garage is a movable and often temporary shelter for vehicles or other important financial investments. Portable garages are commonly purchased by those needing additional storage area. They could also be acquired if the property owner does not want to invest in a pricey and permanent structure on their property. Part of their popularity is in their mobility. As the name suggests, portable garages can be disassembled and made use of in other designated areas if desired.

portable garages

The most common item safeguarded by a portable garage is a vehicle. While security of a car or truck is generally at the top of a purchaser’s top priorities, a portable garage can likewise house other kinds of cars like campers, motorcycles, boats, firewood, garden supplies, and numerous other work or leisure automobiles like tractors or an ATV.

A portable garage can protect any type of vehicle from weather condition elements, vandalism and pilfering as long as the vehicle can totally fit inside it. In addition, portable garage shelters can be made use of as farm shelters.

Agriculture equipment such as a: cultivator, manure spreader, sand and salt stacks, and even hay can be stored in rural portable garages. For the resourceful farmer, a portable garage can even operate a greenhouse, extra work space or a shelter for livestock like horses or cattle.

temporary fabric shelter

The garages can be custom-made built to requirements or bought from stock designs. Materials made use of to increase the durability of a portable garage consist of aluminum, powder-coated or galvanized steel for frames and polyethylene for covers. In spite of the use of stiff steel, portable garages may can be found in a wide range of colors, sizes and designs to match the needs or preferences of the buyer.

hay storage farm shelter


An advantage of polyethylene is that the material is water resistant, and does not trap water. This suggests that mold and mildew build-up is reduced during rainy or cold weather when ice might develop and on automobiles prior to being driven into the garage.

Extra accessories include surface anchors or ratchets, double-layering of polyethylene and option of “rip stop” material. Ultraviolet (UV) light protection and an inner black scrim can also be executed into garage products.

portable garage shelter

Where extra UV security is needed, all sides of a garage can be developed so as not to enable UV rays to penetrate the garage from any angle. Portable garages may likewise be bought as kits so that the purchaser can establish the garage himself. These garages can last for numerous years after the preliminary set up without the requirement for considerable adjustment.

The Many Uses Of Temporary Fabric Shelters


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Temporary fabric shelters are becoming an increasingly popular option for short-term storage. Numerous consumers and businesses are finding these cost effective and portable shelters to be an efficient option option for protecting important possessions.

temporary fabric shelters


These short-term shelters have a large variety of uses beyond the typical vehicle storage garage. With the high cost of rental space and new wood/steel building, these systems are regularly made use of to keep RVs, boats, and other watercraft. Unlike a tarp or cover, these units permit access to the camper or boat while in storage without the hassle of removing straps and fasteners.

Numerous customers will certainly likewise make use of these fabric structures to temporarily house a “project car”. Project cars can produce  a mess” in a garage attached to your house with high traffic. A temporary fabric shelter consists of an all steel galvanized or powder coated frame and a one piece canopy tent draped over the frame. The contents within the storage system will offer a more organized appearance.

best fabric garageDepending upon the size of the fabric shelter, lots of businesses and consumers will certainly utilize these portable car canopies for on site warehousing or storage. These material structures generally do not need building permits which permits shortened construction timing and fast use.

Businesses could keep bulk products and equipment protected and out of sight from prying eyes which is currently not in use. One common use of these portable shelters is salt and sand storage. This is usually for bigger structures which are mounted on concrete or pony walls. Numerous governmental agencies or city officials order these structures for salt and sand storage throughout winter months.

hay storage shelterAnother regular use is in the agricultural and horticultural environment. Hay storage is an incredibly common application. Numerous farmers experience better hay quality when under shelter as opposed to being exposed to the sun.

These short-term fabric shelters have optional end panels. With end panels open, this permits enhanced air flow to promote hay drying out. Lots of agricultural experts refer to these units as “hay shelters”.

portable car canopyThere are many uses for these affordable and efficient storage systems. Some of the most usual are provided above, however, there are thousands of uses. If you require all weather shelter outdoors for your equipment, vehicles, boat, camper or livestock, you’ll want to consider these temporary fabric shelters.

Portable Garage Shelter For Sale


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portable garage shelter for saleDo you wish to safeguard your motor vehicle from extreme weather condition? Do you need shelter for livestock? Do you want a convenient and practical location to store a watercraft or boat throughout winter season? Do you desire a portable greenhouse?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a portable garage shelter for sale is right for you, and offers a big variety of simple to assemble portable garage shelters that are capable of securing your financial investments from severe weather condition and other harsh elements.

portable garage shelters for saleThey provide portable garage shelters for sale with resilient galvanized steel structures, double zipper front door entries with water resistant covers that provide defense for your automobiles, trucks, motorcycles and RVs from all sort of severe weather. Your financial investments need not worry about hail, snow, severe rain, and harmful UV rays that can destroy, rot and decay.

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buy portable garagesOriginal Shelters also offers canopies and carport shelters in a wide variety of sizes, colors and styles for all weather condition outdoor uses. Custom-made garage and carport frames are constructed from DuPont powder layered or galvanized steel tubing with triple layer covers made from Polyethylene with rip stop material.

These covers function real well and offer a water-repellent polyester textile that is treated within and without to withstand damaging UV rays along with mildew and mold.

boat shelter kit

Portable garage shelters for sale are furthermore suitable for boats, with a broad variety of sizes and designs to completely suit your watercraft. The shelters provide ample space for boats, watercraft trailers, sails, jet-skis, pontoons, rowboats and various other boat products.

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portable livestock shelters

You can also protect your farm animals by using these portable garage shelters for sale as run-in sheds and hay storage shelters therefore securing animals and livestock from bitter wind, rain, and freezing snow.

These portable livestock shelters are ideal for steeds and cattle and make excellent canine kennels, too.

Original Shelters additionally supplies long lasting portable greenhouses that protect your vegetables, trees and plants. These portable greenhouse are made of sturdy structural steel frames that withstand high winds and massive rainfall, so your indoor garden stays secured from the elements. As you can see, Original Shelters provides a large range of portable garage shelters for sale, all at economical costs that offer an inexpensive solution for securing your possessions from wind, rain, snow, sun and hail.

portable greenhouse kit

Call 1800-860-7970 today to get more information. Allow Original Shelters to help you in choosing a simple assemble portable garage shelter for sale that will certainly offer you with the defense you need for your vehicles, animals, plants and various other financial investments.

Discover More Details Concerning their portable garage shelters for sale here.

Mobile Garage Shelters Save Time and Money


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mobile garage workshopDo you require even more space for cars or vehicles, personal storage space, lawn and garden equipment, household furnishings or any other investment which doesn’t fit in your family’s garage area? Really don’t prefer the difficulties as well as monthly costs of an off-site storage space? Is developing a basic garage in your own backyard not economical and time extensive? A mobile garage area or car shelter usually is the most effective storage space solution to match your requirements.

pop up garagesMobile garage shelters are affordable when compared with the cost of warehousing or leasing facilities on a monthly rental. Moreover, it can save time. With storage on your property there is no need to commute to a storage facility. Your personal property can be put into storage space on your very own property, which is a wonderful benefit.

Generally, a mobile garage shelter area doesn’t require a license through your community. Bear in mind, it is a good idea to talk to any regional authorities to establish your very own individual needs.

RoundTop 10 x 20 carport kitNearly all instant garage areas or prefab carports will typically require a few hours to assemble with a few basic tools. The setup of a mobile shelter begins with metal tubes which are created in order to develop the body. Fabric Material will then be mounted over the frame and tightened with ratchets to finish setting up the structure. A flooring area inside your portable car garage shelter will assist you in protecting your belongings from the results of nature, yet there is no need to have a permanent foundation to use for your building. Several floor packages are available for should you require.

Mobile structures are usually held down via anchoring that will be pressed into the ground by utilizing drive poles. The anchors make sure the structure is most definitely locked in area and also the structure should not move at all.

best portable garageThis kind of framework likewise has a lower need for servicing. Fabric covers are created with sunlight protectant and also possess the ability to last for many years in many inclement weather conditions. Ensuring that the fabric cover outside is tight during installation will definitely assist with reflecting rain, snow and UV rays. Always remember that it’s a good idea to maintain the portable garage cover by knocking off snow during the winter months.

garage in a box 10x20Portable garage buildings are an enormously inexpensive choice to a attached structure to your residential property. Very quick as well as basic set-up will certainly make sure the portable garage is an excellent choice for car and truck storage.

If you are interested in mobile garages please visit The Shelter Experts at

10 X 20 Garage in a Box Review


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10 X 20 garage in a box

Are you in the market for a flexible all weather 10′ X 20′ portable garage shelter? If so, you’ve found the right company. At Original Shelters, you can choose the most functional auto shelter yet, the 10×20 Garage in a Box!

Here are a few notable features:

10 x 20 Portable Garage Firstly, the 10×20 garage in a box is suitable for automobiles, trucks, jeeps and SUV’s alike. No other all portable garage shelter is so well suited for safeguarding all your various sized autos. If you’re a boat owner and need a small garage for your bass boat, a 10×20 garage in a box is a must!

portable garage shelter shelterlogic

Secondly, the 10×20 garage in a box is the ideal sized cover for compact and full sized vehicles. AutoShelter RoundTop 10×20 Portable Garage was built primarily to shelter small to full size cars and trucks. Ideal for keeping your vehicle protected through the winter months with a proven curved or peak design and maximum durability.

10 x 20 Portable Garage shelter

The 10×20 garage in a box is an excellent storage solution for cycles, ATVs, jet skis, landscaping trailers, lawn and garden tools, tractors, snowmobiles, wood or other bulk storage applications. A good quality fabric structure at an affordable price.


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